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Our Story

CAPIXEN is an entrepreneurial firm that acquires and builds businesses through the acquisition of profitable SMEs in established yet transitioning sectors to create value and stability.

We specialise in buying and growing businesses, providing equity investment consultancy and other exit options.

We engage with business owners who know the value of their business yet wish to step back from their existing level of involvement. Business owners who seek a reliable partner to enhance the business and benefit from future growth.

CAPIXEN is renowned as the safe pair of hands that business owners can count on to care for their workers and preserve their company in the long run.

Our team has worked with various sectors, including property development, finance, healthcare, architecture, construction services, education and training, and e-commerce.

We are supported by a team of professional lawyers in legal, finance, human resources, public relations, corporate structure, sales, marketing, business valuation, and financial modelling. Our proven business turnaround solutions provide risk-free alternatives for business owners to drastically boost the value of their company.

CAPIXEN: a formidable team.

We are a unique team of professionals with global experience.

We collaborate with business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs to boost shareholder value and create new opportunities. CAPIXEN strives to deliver solutions that benefit both the business owner and the company’s long-term growth.

We’re a talented group of entrepreneurs who bring a host of skills and experience.

We collaborate with business owners, founders, and CEOs to boost their firms’ shareholder value by introducing them to new business prospects and exits. CAPIXEN seeks to deliver solutions that satisfy both the business owner and the company’s long-term growth.  

We partner with you in the business you’ve built and help you to step back from it.

Our proven business turnaround solutions provide risk-free options for company owners to drastically increase the value of their company.

Senior Partner | Acquisition & Investment
Senior Partner - Business Relations
Director | M&A, Business Transformation
Founder Director | Digital Transformation
Financial Analyst
Director | CFO

Our Vision And Principles

Our standards and ethics set us apart from competitors. Every day at CAPIXEN we operate based on our values

At CAPIXEN, we are value and outcome driven.

Entrepreneurial Firm, About us

Make endearing connections

The interactions you have with your employees, suppliers, and customers construct the foundation of your company's culture. We prioritize joint achievement above self-gain. That is why we place a premium on grooming people via successful connections. Our workers are satisfied when they grow, and make our businesses grow consequently.

Make rational commitments

We do what is right for you by making sensible decisions. We understand how hard you've worked to establish your brand. Our agreement structure must always withstand the "Is it a fair deal?" check.

Work as quickly and efficiently as probable

We must get started immediately. We use a simple and short framework to estimate enterprises for business acquisition. We continually find that the major pauses are caused by attorneys and other specialists, not by the procedures we implement.

Our acquisition technique is precise

1. Establish interest and build relationship
2. Build relaionship and start due diligence
3. Agree Heads of Terms
4. Complete due diligence
5. Finish the acquisition.

Speak and walk with integrity, ethics, and passion

Being authentic for us begins with walking and talking with transparency – doing what you say you will do. CAPIXEN operates with the intention of carrying out any promises we embark on whilst under strain.

We believe that by being conscientious, we will only entice moral customers. Humans can always discern the difference between right and wrong conduct. We're devoted to leading business in an ethical way, and we hold ourselves, our workers, and even our consumers to the very same high ethical values.

Positive energy is enthusiasm. We believe that passion is the spark that ignites our creative force, directs us to our inherent abilities, and reveals to us where we are most suited to make our commitment to the world at CAPIXEN.

Commit to eternal learning

CAPIXEN is dedicated to pedagogy and learning since it leads to creativity and progression. A company that does not adapt and changes with time will inevitably die. Our mission is to support evolution and expansion.

Lead with example

As parents and business executives, we understand that the best way to have a top-notch impact is to lead by example. If that's what you're anticipating, show up earlier in the workplace. Effectively intercommunicate. Be well-prepared. Offer compassion. Demonstrate self-assurance. Don't merely discuss it.

Overcoming challenges using systems & technology:

Every procedure can be automated. Systemise your most frequent procedures for maximum efficiency, such as lead generation, payroll, accounts receivables, recruiting, firing, client on-boarding, referrals, and reporting.